What I am working on at Storied Genealogy

One of my favorite bloggers recently wrote a post of the Top 3 Things that she is loving, trying and leaving. You can read it here. It made me think about my my own goals for this blog and my own genealogy goals. I thought I’d share it with you so that I make myself accountable and let you know what to expect!

What I am loving: Facebook Genealogy groups

I will admit I am a late comer to the world of Facebook. Now I wished I had joined sooner! I recently joined a number of groups and I’m really loving the what I’m learning. For example a number of people post their genealogy brick walls and usually someone from the group will have a solution or a new avenue to pursue. It’s great because the community is so supportive and we all help one another.

Recently I asked at We are Genealogy Bloggers why a challenge I issued wasn’t working and I got lots of great feedback. This has been so helpful!

I’ve also joined groups on surnames I’m researching as well as geographical areas of interest. Both my husband’s family and mine started out in New England and I’ve been really interested in learning about the founding families of this area. While I haven’t come across family yet, the information I have been learning about the northeast is helping me to understand my ancestors more.

If you are interested in learning about the Facebook groups that I’ve joined let me know in the comments below.

What I’m trying:¬†Setting goals in research and for Storied Genealogy

For the last few years I have used October as my time to review the old year and prep for the New Year. Everything gets added to my calendar, I review my finances, I deep clean the house, I start thinking about items needed for the holidays. In short, I make my family crazy.

This year I’ve applied it to genealogy.

I am a goal-directed kind of person so I need something to work towards. I created a list of 5 goals on what I’m currently researching and the results I’m expecting. I use Family Tree Maker 2017 and my goals are listed on the Plan tab as Tasks when the program is opened.¬†My goals range from the simple, such as adding a photo of the person, house or a belonging into their record, to the complex, creating a book of every person who is buried in a family cemetery.

Since it worked so well for my research, I thought I would set goals for my blog as well. I set aside an hour to dream about the direction and focus I wanted Storied Genealogy to have. I’m really passionate about people recording their family stories so one of my goals is to continue to work to get that message out. I will be featuring ways to make it easier to tell your story.

I am hopeful, this will lead me to be more productive! I will have to let you know.

Let me know what you think. What are you loving and trying this year. Has it made a difference to you?



2 thoughts on “What I am working on at Storied Genealogy

  1. I would love to know the genealogy Facebook groups you belong to. I have joined several but wonder if there are more that would be worth joining. Genealogy/family history is my greatest love and I am in the process of writing about my grandfather’s 100 year life – and of his almost five years he served overseas during WW1. He went with the Main Body of NZ Expeditionary Force leaving NZ in October 1914 and didn’t return until September 1919.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I belong to many Facebook groups. Groups such as Genealogy, Genealogy Addicts Anonymous (GAA) and Unraveling your Roots have been excellent resources for me to ask general or in-depth questions. We have great conversations with a many members offering tips and advice. I also belong to many location specific groups. For example I have family that lived in Chicago and the state of Maine so I have joined their groups. This has helped me to learn more about the area and talk with members who are researching similar surnames or towns.

      I hope this list helps. Thanks for reading!

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