Unique Possessions

Yesterday was the kind of day to curl up and stay warm under the covers. It was storming most of the day. Today isn’t much better. Strong winds and lead gray skies. I’ve spent this weekend wrapped in sweaters or blankets and wearing my fuzzy socks. I’ve thought about wearing more nose warmer but decided against it. I have a nose warmer…don’t you?

My grandfather, Glenn Fink, received the nose warmer as a gift from his sister-in-law, Carm Malone in December 1993. Carm was married to Glenn’s twin brother Bud.  She lived in Arizona and enjoyed warm winters while my grandparents lived in Michigan.

She writes, “I got out my “nose” warmer pattern after talking to you. I’ve had so much fun making these for friends that have asked me to send Arizona’s warm temps. I would say to them that if they were foolish enough to put up with those cold temps all I could send them is a nose warmer.”

My grandparents loved to write and receive letters.  I was fortunate enough to inherit the letters they kept from friends and family and I have used this information in my genealogy research. There are a few letters in their collection that have something more tucked inside. It makes reading the letters extra special.

The nose warmer has a place of honor in my house. It resides on a shelf with other cherished mementos.

What items are in your genealogy collection that may be unusual? Take a photo of them, tell their story and include the information in your genealogy database.

Let’s get a conversation going. Tell me about your unique possessions!



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