The Cars in our Lives

A cool breeze, sunshine and great music on the radio does wonders while sitting in traffic. It’s even better when an open road is stretched before me. There is something about driving that makes me feel happy to be alive.

Sitting in traffic last week. I reflected on the cars in my life.




My first car was a 1989 navy blue Ford Tempo LX. It was my grandfather’s car. When he bought a Buick, he handed this car down. My sister and I shared it for, I think, a couple years.  I loved that car mostly because it was my first car but also because it had power everything!




My second car was 1996 purple Chevy Corsica. My first car accident happened in this one. I was reared ended by a Porsche 911 driven by a 16 year old.  There is a happy ending. My husband and I drove it on our honeymoon to Maine.





My third car was a 2000 purple Plymouth Neon. My daughter came home from the hospital in this car.  I drove it into the ground until there was major suspension issues. I loved this car.




My current car is a 2006 red Ford Freestyle. This is the largest car I have ever driven. It’s really enjoyable for long car trips.


What does this have to do with your family story? 

The cars you drive are both a reflection of yourself and where you are at in your life. Our feelings of freedom, safety, security and appearance all play into what we purchase. What you drive tells a story of what appealed to you within the budget you could afford.

Thinking about my cars naturally led me to think about what other family members or even my ancestors drove. Did they feel about cars the way I do?


Writing about the cars in your life

Over the next few days gather your thoughts and list all the cars you or your ancestors had. Write down year, make and model. Don’t forget to note color and any special  features. Do you remember the way it smelled?

Add a photo to support your story. Can’t find a family photo? Google the year make and model. It may not be the correct color but you will have the body design.

Make note of any special memories that you had in the car such as family trips.

Add this information to your genealogy record and also to your ancestors records.


Let’s get a conversation going! Tell me about the cars in your lives and the cars in your ancestors lives.




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