Passing Your Knowledge to Your Descendents Challenge

Last week I talked about the importance of journaling so that you will leave something behind for your descendants. If we are going to be good stewards of family history, we must contribute our share. Keeping a journal is so important to me that I want to offer a challenge.

It’s the Passing Your Knowledge to Your Descendants Challenge!

The rules:

  • Write a daily journal entry for 2 weeks. You can either write electronically or long hand. Word count doesn’t matter as long as you are writing about something that interests you.
  • Share in the comment section of this post parts of what you have written. If you feel that is too personal, share what your trials and successes have been.
  • At the end of two weeks I will choose a winner at random who will win a 45 minute coaching session with me about writing their family story.

That’s it! You have nothing to loose and your descendants have everything to gain. Happy Writing!



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