Letter to Home

I talk to my mom about once a week.  I call because I want to share the big things and some of the little things that happen in my life with her. The idea of not talking to her, for years, is something I couldn’t comprehend. I call my mom because I am looking for advice, for sympathy, for someone to understand. Who would I share my everyday with if it wasn’t for her? Who would Mom share her day with?

Below is a letter from my great, great grandfather John Dinsmore to his father, John and his step mother Abbie Hanscom. Written in January 1892, it has been some years since John wrote a letter home.



Dear Sir

If my father J. R. Dinsmore or any relative living in Kittery or if you know where they are living will you please send me his or their address and oblige.

J.R. Dinsmore

Chicago, Illinois

# 123-28 Place

Dear Father Mother and Brothers,

It is as you say many years since I have heard from home and I cannot express in words my joy of receiving a letter from you.

In my rambles I have often thought that I had pleasure but it was nothing compared to the present time. I have been a wild boy. I have seen a great deal of this world and in some ways I am not sorry but there is one thing especially  I regret, that is not writing to my parents and let them know where I was and what I was doing but perhaps it is better that you have not known all that I have done and gone through for I have never done anything that was dishonorable excepting to go on a little lark with the boys and girls and that is only human nature. I have seen and learned a great many things. I have made considerable money but I have never learned enough good common sense to save it. I was never satisfied with what I had wanted more and first thing I knew I would know

I would have less but we must all pay for our knowledge and I never cry after spilt milk. I am employed at present by Union Cold Storage Co. as assistant engineer at a salary of (20.00) twenty dollars a week. I have been working for them very near two years and have a very nice job the hardest work I have to do is try to keep awake as I work at night. Oh no you don’t catch me working hard I have had enough of that and besides there is no money in it and that is what we are after even if we do spend it. But as I said before I have got a good position and I think I will be able to save a few pennies now as I have got some one to take care of me and some one to take care of. I was married two years ago the 12th day of last May and I have got a daughter that will be two years old the 6th day of next March. Her name is Laura Irene Dinsmore. I married a Pennsylvania Dutch girl. Her name is Annie F. Kile. She will be 22 years old next November. She is a good wife to me. When we got married I did not have twenty five dollars to my name. I was Engineer of a large Confectionary Manufacture at a salary of fifteen dollars a week. and so every thing has been a drag to us since but we are getting along nice now. I have nice furniture for a six room house and I pay $18.00 a month rent on a nice street. It costs considerable to live in this city that is if you want to live in a respectable part of the city and I won’t live elsewhere and then my table cost considerable for I was used to high living in my single days around hotels and restaurants and I have not yet out grown that style of living and besides every thing you eat costs money. Well I must stop writing for this time or you will get tired of reading my nonsense. I will close now hoping hear from you soon from your wayward son with love to all from himself and family.

J.R. Dinsmore


(Give my respects to all old friends and tell them I am alive.)



Writing this post made me reflect on friends and family that I seldom make time to talk to. Today, make it a priority to call or write someone you haven’t talked to in awhile. Get up the courage to tell them what they mean to you. Share the story of your life with them. Let them share their story with you. It’s these conversations that will add depth to who you are.

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