Add personality assessments to your story

Any time I have an opportunity to discover more about myself I’m all over it. So it’s no surprise that I like personality assessments. A lot.

Personality assessments are objective and are great at cutting through the defenses, justifications and excuses to show the real you. This is why they get such a bad rap. I think they are one of the most under-utilized tools out there.

I’ve found that adding the results from these assessments is a unique way to add depth to your story. Think about it. Your descendants are trying to discover the real you. What better gift can you give them than letting them see a snapshot of what you were like?

Your descendants would be thrilled to have this information. Do this for them. They will thank you.


I have taken several personality tests. Below is information on some of my favorites.

DISC Assessment: Mostly used by businesses as a way for employees to learn to work effectively together. This test measures four traits: Decisive, Interactive, Stability and Cautious. Then within those traits it will determine whether you score high or low. I liked this test the most because it zeroed in on not only the specific trait I have but to what degree that I am. For example on a scale of 1-100 on Cautious, I ranked 99. Which means I am definitely not a risk taker.  The free version of DISC can be found here.

Strengths Finder: This test determines what your strengths are. All too often we focus on our shortcomings and we don’t play to our strengths. This test will help you find out what you are naturally good at. This not a free test.To find out more click here.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator: There are 16 personality types as described by Carl Jung and this test will determine what one you are. You will be asked about how you like to focus your attention,  how do you process information, how do you make decisions, and what kind of structure you thrive in. You can learn more about it here.

After I have taken the tests I’ve included the analysis in my genealogy record. What a treasure trove my descendants will have!


Let’s get a conversation going! Let me know if you have taken any tests. Tell me how you applied this to your family story.





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