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One of my favorite games to play with my family is called Would you Rather. You play by asking questions that reveal your preference. For example, would you rather do __ or do __?  There are many versions of this game: online, cards, and board games even family friendly and adult versions. My family plays the online version and we add our own questions.

Not only is it a fun game but it can also enhance your family story.

As we play I note the most thought provoking questions and answers on my phone’s note app or pen and paper. Later, when I have time, I add the questions and answers into my genealogy database for the appropriate person under their notes section. I also add when we played and where.

When we get a question that is difficult to make a choice we skip the question. Sometimes certain family members won’t let you skip and you will need to answer. My son asked me the best question of all time and I’m still not even sure how to answer it. He questions was, Would I rather give up coffee or chocolate? It’s impossible for me to answer! So I would note in my file my affection for hot black coffee and my need for chocolate; both milk and dark.

If one of my ancestors let this kind of information behind I would be elated. It would allow me a glimpse into their life and I would get to know them as more than just a name and date. I encourage you to record this information for your  own descendants.

If you have never played here are some questions you can ask that have thought provoking answers.

  • Would you rather cure world hunger or achieve world peace?
  • Would you rather have many friends or have a few friends?
  • Would you rather play be an amazing instrumentalist or a world renowned singer?
  • Would you rather live on a farm or live in the city?
  • Would you rather not have a TV in your house or not have music in your house?
  • Would you rather stay an adult or return to when you were a child?
  • Would you rather be in the profession you are now or another profession?
  • Would you rather have winter all the time or summer all the time?
  • My hope is that you gather your family, enjoy playing and add to your family history.

Let’s get a conversation going! I love to hear what your family thought and questions you used. Please reply and let me know.

Enjoy Game Night!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. As a teen I wanted to be an only child. Now as an adult, I am so grateful for my siblings. I rely on them too much. They anchor me when times are tough. And they are great to laugh and joke with. I couldn’t imagine them not in my life.

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